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Entering Prescriptions in Vetstar

Prescriptions are entered in the Vetstar Charge screen by students, staff, and clinicians, then electronically approved by clinicians (using their Vetstar PIN).

Click here to download a hard copy of these instructions (Microsoft Word format)

Enter your patient's weight into Vetstar before ordering prescriptions.

Enter Prescriptions in the Charge Screen

  1. Access your patient's account and enter the Charge screen.
    (visit http://vetmed.illinois.edu/vetstar/ChargeScreen.htm for detail on using the Charge screen).

  2. If the prescription is going home, please enter a taxable visit type (e.g. DENT, DERT, EMST, ONCT, OPT, PCT, SAMT, SAST, ZMT).

  3. Enter a procedure code for the drug that you are ordering.

  4. If you do not know the code search for it with one of these options:
    • Enter a key word in the code field then select an item from the codes that are presented.
      keyword entry

      Be sure to select a pharmacy item! They are color-code in purple:
      rx purple
    • Open a Window in the code field (press F4 or double click in the code field), click on Group Search Group Search button.
      Type "pharmacy" into the search field, select a group, then press Enter.
      pharmacy group search

      Select a group, then wait for the list of procedures in that group to appear. Select the desired drug from the list.

  5. Complete the remaining fields in the charge line. Please enter the correct quantity. The procedure’s description includes its units (e.g 1 ml).

  6. Complete the Prescription Instructions screen that pops up after the charge is entered.

    Prescription Instructions

    Enter instructions, refills (leave blank if 0 or enter 99 for limitless) and status (in hospital or out of hospital).
    Enter a 'days supply' value for items that are leaving the hospital.
    Enter a Y into the OK? field then press Enter to complete the screen.

  7. You may PIN off on the prescription by clicking on the "Pin Off" button in the Rx Instructions.

    Save out of the Charge screen after ordering prescriptions to avoid record locks.

Review, Edit and Approve Prescriptions in the Rx Doctor Worklist (clinicians)

  1. Access the Rx Doctor Review Worklist: click on the Rx worklist button on the Home screen Rx Worklist Button or enter quick command rxdoc.

  2. Select a View option at the top of the screen if you do not want to see all patients' prescriptions, and enter the visit type or doctor code to filter. Press Enter or click on the Refresh button refresh button to select all prescriptions pending approval. view

  3. Click on the prescription line to select it and view its details (or arrow to select the prescription line then click on the Details button or press Alt/S).

    Prescription Details

    Note your patient's weight at the top of the screen. If it is missing, or outdated, please enter the current weight. You may edit the instructions, status, or days supply in this screen. Please access the Charge screen to change the quantity or select a different procedure code (click on the Charge Screen button on the bottom area of the worklist).

  4. Once you are satisfied that the prescription is correct, click on the PIN button then enter your PIN to approve the prescription. You do NOT have to be logged in to PIN - you can do so under someone else's login. Note that only clinicians that have their own DEA numbers may PIN on a controlled substance item that is going out of the hospital.

Filling Prescriptions (clinicians when a pharmacist is not available)

  1. In the Rx Doctor Worklist screen, click on the Rx Worklist button Rx Worklist Button or press Alt/x.

  2. Select the prescription that you are filling by clicking on it (or arrow to it then press Details).

  3. Click on the Fill/Print button at the top of the screen Fill/Print Button, then enter your PIN when prompted.

  4. Press the Enter key or click Verify/Select to print labels to the pharmacy label printer

Non-Visit Prescriptions (when the patient is not presented to the hospital/no open visit in Vetstar)

  1. Access your patient's account in Vetstar then access the Charge screen.

  2. Enter registration type RX (uppercase) into the registration type field. RXreg

  3. Enter a clinic code (SAC or LAC) into the Clinic Code field then press Enter.

  4. Enter your doctor code into the Ad. Doc field Doctor Code then press Enter.

  5. You will be in the Charge screen. Add the procedure code and complete instructions as outlined above.


Please email vetstar-help@vetmed.illinois.edu or call the pharmacy if you have problems or questions.

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