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Vetstar Client Communications Screen

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Vetstar Client Communications screen provides a tool for recording communications with clients and referring veterinarians. When communications comments are finalized immediately after they are written, they become part of the patient’s electronic medical record.

  1. Access your patient's account in Vetstar.

  2. Access the client communication screen:
  3. Add a communication. Click on the add icon Add Icon, press F5, or press Alt/A. Complete communication information one field at a time (see below for detailed instructions on each field). Press the Enter or Right Arrow key to advance from field to field.

          Communications Screen
  4. Enter your communication write-up in the comments screen.
  5. Finalize your comments immediately after you are finished.
  6. You will be returned to the Communications screen. Press F3 or Alt/S, or click on the Save Save Iconor Green Arrow Green Arrow icon to save out of this screen.

  7. If you are interrupted while entering your comments, you may save them to finish and finalize later. Click on the Save Save Icon or Green Arrow Green Arrow icon; or press Alt/F4, then enter a Y (or click on the ‘Verify’ button), when prompted to save your work.

  8. To update an existing communication:
  9. Communications will no longer be included in the Vetstar Visit Summary (they are not associated with a visit). To view a report of past communications, access your patient’s account, then use one of the following options:
  10. The medical record will be incomplete if non-finalized comments exist. If possible, please finalize all comments immediately after entering them. Medical records will include a listing of draft comments (those that have not been finalized) in incomplete medical record reports.

  11. If you make a mistake and a finalized communication needs to be corrected, contact medrec@vetmed.illinois.edu.
    If you need Vetstar instructions or help, please contact vetstar-help@vetmed.illinois.edu.

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