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Vetstar Editor Help

This page was created to provide help and support for working with the Vetstar editor (Star Reports).

Hints for avoiding locked reports:

Avoiding 'lost' reports:

Occasionally clicking Save deletes a report (for some users, for reasons that have yet to be determined). This issue has been reported to the vendor and the system has been tweaked to help resolve this problem, but unfortunately it still occurs from time to time.

If this happens under your login, you can use Notepad to write and edit reports, then paste into reports when ready.

Vetstar quick command notepad will open the Notepad editor. notepad quick command

Click on menu Format -> Font and set the font size to Arial, size 14 to match the font within Vetstar reports.
notepad font

After copying your text, right click into your report then select Paste from the menu.

How to recover deleted reports with the version screen.

Note: Every time you open a report, Vetstar makes a copy of the report that can be recovered from within Vetstar with the "version" screen (outlined below). Vetstar does not save a copy of the report for the version screen when you SAVE, only when you ENTER a report.

  1. Access the patient account on the Vetstar Home screen.

  2. Enter quick command version to access the Version screen.

  3. Scroll or page down through all of the reports. There may be quite a few to sort through if the patient has been to the hospital multiple times.

  4. Find the type of report and visit that was written around the date/time that your report was written. If it was accessed multiple times you will see many versions of the same report:

  5. Open each report until you find the most recent version that contains the text you want to recover.

  6. While in the report:
        Right Click -> Select all
        Right Click -> Copy

  7. Exit the Version screen, then access the exam screen and start your report. Do NOT select any templates if you are presented with a choice; click on Verify templates if necessary to access the editor.

  8. While in the blank report: Right Click -> Paste

How to find help if you need it:

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