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Vetstar Reference for Junior Surgery Students (VCM 652/654)

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  1. Start the Vetstar program:
    1. Double click on the VVGUI icon   on the computer desktop.
    2. At the login and password prompts, enter your netid followed by your Vetstar password (use the Delete key to backspace).
    3. Type the number 1, and then press the Enter key to start Vetstar.

  2. Find your patient's account.

    Determine your patient's account, name and/or medical record number:

    Account name: CVM SA, JR Surge
    Account number: 220956

    Medical record number and name:
    The patient's medical record number and name are the same for Junior Surgery patients.

    To determine your patient's name and medical record number:
    • Find the USDA number on your patient's metalback.
    • Add 'JS' to the beginning.
    • Disregard any dashes.
    • Example: V07-D175 = JSV07D175
  3. Numbers 0 and 1 are often confused with letters O and I. If one does not work, try the other.

    Enter one of the following into the command field to access your patient's account.
    Use CAPITAL LETTERS when entering the medical record number.
  4. Enter your patient's weight.
  5. Enter your patient's history.
    Access the history comment by doing one of the following:
    • Type history into the command line and press Enter.
    • Click on the Comments icon to access the comments area, and then select the History comment.

      You may type directly into the comment screen or use Notepad (see http://www.cvm.uiuc.edu/vetstar/Notepad.html).
      Press F3 or click on the Green Arrow icon to save your changes. Repeat until you exit the screen.

  6. Print labels.
  7. Enter procedures performed into the Charge screen.
    • Access the screen by clicking on the Charges icon on the left side of the HOME screen .
    • Press F5 or click on the Add icon at the top of the screen.
    • Enter the procedures performed for your patients. Searching for 'JS' will find all of the junior surgery procedures:
    • Remember to enter the correct performing date.
    • Save out of the Charge screen by pressing F3 or clicking on the Green Arrow icon . Repeat until you reach the HOME screen.
    • If your patient needs lab tests or imaging studies performed, please enter them into Vetstar.

7. Ask for help if you need it!

Phone: Diane Lynn 244-0442           Medical Records 333-5363
Email: vetstar-help@cvm.uiuc.edu

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