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Reprinting Vetstar Lab Requisitions

Click here to download a hard copy of these instructions (Microsoft Word format)
  1. Select the patient account on the Client/Patient Processing Screen.
  2. If you ordered a lab test and it did not print, first check to see that a completion date has been entered into the Charge screen. If not, enter that date and then reprint the request as follows.
  3. Click on the History icon history button or enter the quick command ph in the Command field to access the Patient's Procedure History screen.
  4. All of the procedures entered for the patient will appear in reverse chronological order.
  5. Use the arrow keys or mouse to enter the “D” (document) field on the line containing the procedure for which you need to reprint the requisition.
  6. You know that you are in the correct field when you see the text "Enter 'y' to reprint document associated with this procedure upon exit" at the bottom left of the screen.
  7. Enter a Y into that field, then leave the screen (click on the 'Save/Exit' or Cancel button, press the F3 or Esc key, or click the green or red arrow at the top left of the screen). After you have completely exited the screen, your requisition will reprint.

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