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Entering Electronic Reports in Vetstar

  1. Access your patient’s account.

  2. Access the Examination function using one of the following options:
    • Enter quick command ex or emr.

    • Click on the Reports button Reports button then double click on Report Start/Edit.:
      Start Reports

  3. Select the correct visit if prompted.
    select visit

  4. It you are writing a Discharge/Referral Report, note that when a patient is registered in Vetstar, a report titled "Patient Visit Report" is automatically created. Access that report to write a discharge/referral report:
  5. For other reports, i.e. Surgery and SOAPS:
    • Repeat steps 1-3 above, then select the type of report that you are adding when prompted (Surgery or SOAP).
    • Surgery and SOAP reports will open with a report template automatically included. Wait for the editor to be populated with your template. The flashing arrow icon at the bottom right of the Vetstar program will flash red while processing, then change to solid yellow. bolt Click into the editor and enter text to complete your report.

  6. To select a Discharge Status:
    Click on the selection icon selection icon three times until a list appears, then click on a status.
    discharge status

  7. Star Reports editor notes:
  8. Click on the Templates button Templates to select document templates (for signatures/credentials and boilerplate text). Wait for the text to be inserted at the bottom of your report. You may move it to another area of the report if desired:
    • Select the text with your mouse.
    • Right click/cut.
    • Click where you want to place it.
    • Right click/paste.

  9. Click on the Save Save to save the report. When it is complete, the person who has authority to finalize the report should click on the finalize button. Finalize Enter your PIN when prompted.
  10. If you need to review, edit or finalize a report, re-enter the examination screen using one of the methods in step 2, and then select the correct report.

  11. Do one of the following if you need to make changes on a finalized report:
  12. Reports written in Vetstar are part of your patient's electronic medical record. Please do not print them for the physical record.

  13. To view or print reports, you may click on one of the 'Generate Report' buttons while in the editor. generate report buttons.

    Or, access your patient's account then perform one of the following options:

    • Enter one of the following quick commands:
      allrep all reports over all visits
      visitrpt Patient Visit Report (discharge/referral)
      hisrep History Report
      surgrep Surgery Report
      soaprep SOAP Report

    • Click on the Reports button Reports then select the report that you want to view.

      Note: you may remove file information from the footer of your printed reports:

      This is a setting from Internet Explorer's page set up. Visit http://vetmed.illinois.edu/vetstar/ReportFooterFix.htm for instructions.

  14. All reports are included in the Visit Summary:
    • Click on the Visit Summary button visitsummary
    • Enter quick command summ.

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