Meet Chloe!

The Wildlife Medical Clinic would like to welcome our newest Student Manager, Chloe Dupleix! Chloe is from Louisiana where she attended Loyola University in New Orleans and received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry. Chloe started her veterinary career working in small animal and shelter medicine.


What field within veterinary medicine are you interested in?

I am currently interested in wildlife medicine and I am going to try to get my Master’s in Public Health after finishing here in 2024. I would like to end up working as a conservation veterinarian and work for Wildlife and Fisheries or another similar agency or sector.

What made you want to join the team at the Wildlife Medical Clinic?

I have never worked with wildlife before and I really wanted to do something new! I’ve been interested in wildlife medicine for a couple of years now and thought this would be a great experience for my future career. I was also attracted to the WMC because my big sibling (Lauren Vincent, WMC Team Leader and WMC Conservation Chair) and grand big sibling (Erica Bender, former WMC Manager) were really involved with the clinic, too, and I only heard glowing reviews.


What made you want to become a manager?

My time spent as a volunteer this fall made me want to be a manager. I always looked forward to coming to the clinic and getting to work with the patients that were here at the time. And I also absolutely adored everyone on my team. My teammates worked so well with each other and were always so helpful to us first years when it came to treatments and triage. I always had a really good time and I felt like I wanted to be more involved with the clinic.


What is your favorite animal to work within the Wildlife Medical Clinic?

I have really enjoyed working with the raptors that come in! I think I love great-horned owls the most, but I also liked working with the last bald eagle we had.

What has been your favorite part of being in the Wildlife Medical Clinic?

My favorite part about being in the Wildlife Medical Clinic is getting to interact with the local wildlife and getting lots of hands-on experience. I have also really enjoyed getting to know everyone involved with the clinic too.

Meet the Managers: Thank You Erica! 

As students prepare for the second half of this spring semester, the Wildlife Medical Clinic is undergoing some big personnel changes. Third year students are moving onto their 4th (and final) year of the veterinary medicine curriculum and will no longer be volunteering at the WMC. One of these students is our senior Student Manager, Erica Bender. She’s mentored hundreds of students over her two years managing every aspect of the clinic’s operations. Over the next year, she will be completing several externships to hone her skills as a veterinarian. We interviewed Erica about her time at the WMC and learned about what the future has in store for her! 

Erica has worked with large and small patients! This is one of the larger patients she’s worked with – a snapping turtle!

On behalf of the clinic’s students all the patients you’ve helped over the years, THANK YOU ERICA! 

Background –  

Where are you from? 

I’m from the San Francisco Bay area in California. 

Where did you go to undergrad? 

I studied Biological Anthropology at UC San Diego. I like to joke that my major was mostly monkeys. 

What initially sparked your interest in wildlife medicine?  Continue reading