How is the WMC coping with COVID now that the students have returned??

As you all may know, class is back in session at the University of Illinois and with that, our student volunteers are back and ready to help! The clinic, however, looks very different for our volunteers this school year. In the past, we have always allowed any number of students to be a part of our team, but due to COVID, we have had to limit our volunteer capacity. This is to ensure the safety and well being of our clinicians, students, and patients. Continue reading

Sponsor A Day!

Today we would like to thank Larry Johnson and Mardell O’Brien for their contribution to sponsor the Wildlife Medical Clinic for the day. Their donation is in recognition of the doctors, students, technicians, staff, advancement professionals, and volunteers working to support wildlife in this health crisis. In honor of Mother’s Day, they wanted to appreciate the caring wildlife support team! Their generous donation will help support wildlife such as these lovely mother and baby pairs!
🌹Thank you Larry and Mardell! 🌷