Health and Safety in the WMC

With so many patients of every stage of life and health, the WMC has to take extra measures to keep disease from spreading between patients or even to volunteers. This concept of preventing the introduction and spread of pathogens and diseases is called biosecurity. Biosecurity is important in hospitals and can also apply in other contexts, like farms or dog kennels. Our procedures help keep communicable pathogens controlled and allow our patients to return to full health in a safe environment. Continue reading

Wildlife Medical Clinic Preparing to Re-Open May 18

Although the coronavirus pandemic caused the Wildlife Medical Clinic to close its doors to wildlife patients for the first time in our 42-year history, the good news is, we have been very active during the closure, caring for our ambassadors and remaining patients as well as delivering training remotely to a new group of student volunteers.

And the great news is, we will be ready to accept patients again on Monday, May 18, 2020! Continue reading

Wildlife Medical Clinic and COVID-19 – An Update from the Director

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a year of challenge and change. In our 41 years of service, the Wildlife Medical Clinic has never closed to new patients. Yet for the last several weeks, despite this being the start of our traditionally busy season, we did just that. The decision was heartbreaking and difficult, but for the safety of our staff and community, and to preserve resources for the response to this pandemic, we felt it was the best choice to make. We continue to have a core team caring for our ambassador animals and the patients we currently have in the Wildlife Medical Clinic.

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