WEL Fun at Blanding’s

Our next adventure took us to the North side of Chicago in Lake County were we met up with our Blanding's Team, John and Lauren, to help out for the week and do a little team bonding. We worked with the Blanding's Turtle, an endangered aquatic turtle species, that looks like it's always smiling because [...]

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Let’s go to Lake County

Welcome to our blog where we will be sharing our experiences this summer as we work with the Lake County Forest Preserve District to assess Blanding’s turtle health! As part of Dr. Matt Allender’s Wildlife Epidemiology Lab we have the opportunity to monitor and evaluate Illinois’ largest known population of Blanding’s turtles in a small [...]

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Meet the Authors

Hi, my name is Samantha Johnson! I am finishing up my second year of veterinary school and am one of the coordinators for Turtle Team 2017. My interests in veterinary medicine include zoological, wildlife, and conservation medicine. Turtle Team 2016 One of the most fulfilling experiences was having the opportunity to participate in Turtle [...]

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