Katy is introducing our recaptured turtle Rose to trees.

During the final week of turtle team’s field season, we were joined by a few familiar faces! Fourth years Ivana, Brina and Katy joined us while fulfilling their professional development requirement for clinics. This week, we visited the same sites as we did in June but found different turtles this time around. At our last site, we found a turtle that we had taken back to the school for a couple weeks last year to do pathogen testing. It was really great to find her again and to see that she is doing well!

Each day, the fourth years got to learn and practice different aspects of turtle work-ups to help prepare them for future turtle patients! On Thursday, we shared a final walk to the van with all of the turtle dogs before they headed home to Montana with John. It was a bittersweet goodbye but I am excited to see them again next summer!

Video edit: personal development should be changed to professional development at time 0:10 to 0:20.


Just because turtle team’s field work is over, doesn’t mean that the work is done! Stay tuned for more turtle-ventures!