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My name is Varun and I just finished my second year at UIUC Vet Med. I am interested in wildlife and aquatic medicine, and will be looking at disease prevalence in amphibians this summer! My name is Marg and I just wrapped up first year at UIUC College of Veterinary Medicine. I am interested in wildlife, specifically reptile and bird species, and am excited to be doing disease surveillance with turtles this summer!

Blandings Bowl 2023

You've heard of the Super Bowl. You've heard of the Puppy Bowl. You've probably even heard of the Kitten Bowl! But none of those come even close to the prestige and the legacy of Blanding's Bowl. For those of you that live under a rock, let me explain what it is. Once a year, all [...]

Blandings Bowl 20232023-07-16T12:23:43-05:00

What do we do with these dang turtles?

You all know we find and sample turtles for research. But what does that actually mean?? Today, we’ll go through a step by step of exactly how our process works. And there’s going to be turtle pictures if you weren’t already going to keep reading. First of all, we catch turtles two main ways, at [...]

What do we do with these dang turtles?2023-06-15T18:07:57-05:00

Snappers, Snakes, Surprise Leg, Oh My!

It's week 3 here in Lake County! After a long weekend, Varun and I were refreshed and ready to find some turtles! We had 74 traps set and our eyes were peeled for turtles out basking. Unfortunately, with the high heats, turtles weren’t interested in basking on the side of the pond. Can you blame [...]

Snappers, Snakes, Surprise Leg, Oh My!2023-06-05T12:32:52-05:00

Dreamin’ about Turtles

What a week! This was a trap week, and we had some wild stuff happening. We caught plenty of turtles, and even a few Blanding's that have never been caught before! We gave them ID's and names right there in the field and released them. One of them became "Porkchop" - he's definitely going to [...]

Dreamin’ about Turtles2023-05-26T17:52:43-05:00

Welcome to Lake County!!

Hello from your 2023 Lake County Turtle Team! Last Saturday, after wrapping up finals, we packed up the car and made our way to Lake County for the summer. This week, I am brushing up on my radio telemetry skills, and Varun (who was here last summer) has been training me to perform physical exams [...]

Welcome to Lake County!!2023-05-22T09:52:37-05:00
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