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Caroline is a second-year vet student, her main focus is investigating cross matching in Blanding’s turtles in northeast Illinois. Varun is a first-year student who is interested in zoo and wildlife medicine, and he will be looking at osmolalities in Blanding’s Turtles in Lake County this summer.

Shrek Took My Phone

A short story by Vroom ‘Twas certainly a week. A hot and humid one at that. Temperatures rose up to 95F last week, with the RealFeel at a consistent 108F. We just wanted to find our turtles - was that too much to ask? Alas, fate had other plans for us. Sunday began innocently enough, [...]

Shrek Took My Phone2022-06-21T20:57:53-05:00

Week 3 Shenanigans

Tuesday: With this week being shorter due to the holiday, we hit the ground running in Spring Bluff. We set up 22 traps total at two separate sites and tracked some of the female adult turtles in a location called Lovers Lane. We are almost to the nesting season so weekly weight checks and gravid [...]

Week 3 Shenanigans2022-06-06T15:04:12-05:00

Welcome to Lake County!

First, some quick introductions of our two veterinary students working at Lake County this summer! My name is Varun Seth (aka Vroom) and I just finished my first year at UIUC Vet Med. I’ve been looking at Blanding’s turtles in Lake County for 2 weeks now. We’ve been tracking turtles, trudging through swamps, and having [...]

Welcome to Lake County!2022-06-06T17:32:41-05:00
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