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Week 4: Turtle Team Goes Camping

Our next field week took us to Stephen A. Forbes State Park in Illinois for a week of stumbling upon turtles and camping under the stars! With a forecast of thunderstorms for the duration of the week we were prepared for an exciting few days. We left school at 5AM with a caravan of students and [...]

Week 4: Turtle Team Goes Camping2018-07-10T11:34:39-05:00

Week 3: Jaws

This week we had the opportunity to work with some real monsters: Alligator Snapping Turtles (AST’s)!! As part of a reintroduction project headed by our biologist lab mate, Ethan, we were able to help take health samples from turtles that have been raised and reintroduced to the wild. Tracking, diving for, and wrangling these [...]

Week 3: Jaws2018-07-02T12:47:10-05:00

Week 2: Tour de Turtles

Our second week turned out to be a whirlwind tour through several Illinois counties and turtle species! We were lucky enough to sample ornate box turtles and Blanding’s turtles within a few days! We missed our large crew of fellow veterinary students that we sampled eastern box turtles with last week but got to [...]

Week 2: Tour de Turtles2018-07-02T11:27:43-05:00

Week 1: Diving in head first

The 2018 season of Turtle Team started off with a bang! Dogs were running everywhere, turtles were being found right and left, and everyone was having a blast! For those unfamiliar with what Turtle Team is, this week we will be giving a brief overview of the project. Turtle Team is an ongoing research project [...]

Week 1: Diving in head first2018-06-15T13:18:37-05:00
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