In a world where Blanding’s roam freely but are impossible to find…


Ok but seriously, trapping is a huge part of what we do here in Lake County. Every Monday, the lovely wildlife and turtle techs head out in the field to set anywhere from 20-30 traps throughout the swales. Each morning for the rest of the week, they check their traps and hope for some Blanding’s! Although we are always hopeful for our favorite turtle friends, we never mind seeing the diverse wildlife present in the marshes. We catch everything from snapping turtles to frogs, minnows to crayfish, and so many more!




Check out our vlog this week to learn more about trapping and to see the thrill of pulling the trap out of the water! You can also catch Timmy the Turtle Tech showing you the newest craze in dancing… might be a new move to show off to your friends the next time your break it down!


Also, please appreciate the amazing pyramid we made over lunch one day… it is quite impressive.