About Megan

Megan is a third year vet student, her main focus is investigating the epidemiology of Snake Fungal Disease in Eastern Massasaugas and Timber rattlesnakes.

Slithering Through Indiana

I spent the last few weeks in Indiana soaking up as much fieldwork as possible before school starts up again! Three weeks ago, our group set out on a (short) road trip to conduct the first formal survey of Snake Fungal Disease in Indiana! Thanks to Dr. Sarah Baker and Seth LaGrange we found [...]

Slithering Through Indiana2017-08-26T15:56:51-05:00

Coded for Success

The first time I learned about DNA was in biology class my freshman year of high school. I learned that DNA is made up of paired letters that form a twisting ladder structure, and that the structure determines how living things look and function. I learned more about how my own set of DNA [...]

Coded for Success2017-08-09T10:09:30-05:00

Two Weeks of Turtling Adventures!

Over the past two weeks, I decided to take a few breaks from research to see what my peers were up to so far this summer! I was able to go on a few short road trips, spend lots of time in the field soaking up the sun, and hang out with ENDLESS amounts of [...]

Two Weeks of Turtling Adventures!2017-08-09T10:09:30-05:00

What is Snake Fungal Disease?

If you don't keep up with infectious diseases affecting reptiles, then you may not be familiar with Snake Fungal Disease (SFD). SFD is attributed to the fungal pathogen Ophidiomyces ophidiicola, and is known for causing a nasty dermatitis in many snake species. Maybe you haven't heard of SFD, but you've heard of white-nose syndrome in bats? White-nose syndrome had a [...]

What is Snake Fungal Disease?2017-08-09T10:09:31-05:00

From Turtles to Snakes

Most of us grow up with our friendly four legged friends, only knowing about slithery, scaly creatures from watching TV or movies. Think of a movie with a character played by a dog... Did you think of Beethoven, the giant slobbery St Bernard?  The dog named Old Yeller that is praised after saving a little boy [...]

From Turtles to Snakes2017-08-09T10:09:31-05:00
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