About Alexis and Michelle

Michelle is a 3rd year veterinary student with an interest in surgery and zoo medicine. Alexis is a 2nd year veterinary student with an interest in emergency and zoo medicine. They will be doing a population assessment on Kane County's Blanding's and painted turtles.


Hello readers, welcome back to another exciting installment of "Michelle and Alexis following protocol by basically hanging out". This week we settled in together and did a lot of what we like to call "anticipreparation". This is when you are so wound up with anticipation you start preparing and packing for something you do not really [...]


Beginning the Kane County Adventure

Hello readers! If you're familiar with this blog welcome back for another summer of fun stories about field research. First time readers should be prepared to learn about wildlife and the work that goes into studying them. We are two veterinary students from the University of Illinois who will be journeying to the Kane County [...]

Beginning the Kane County Adventure2020-05-24T22:08:02-05:00
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