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Dr. Laura Adamovicz is co-director of the Wildlife Epidemiology Laboratory and lead principal investigator of the Walder Grant. Her project focuses on species health and pathogen load across turtle species in Chicago this summer. Sam Johnson is a first-year student who is interested in disease research and surveillance, wildlife medicine, and community medicine. She is assisting Dr. Adamovicz with collecting samples across Chicago this summer to assess health and pathogen load across turtle species.

Meet Dr. Matt Allender Jr.

On June 26th, Dr. Adamovicz and Sam joined the Lake County team for Blanding’s Bowl. Blanding’s Bowl is an annual get together between local turtle biologists and the Wildlife Epidemiology Laboratory Dr. Matt Allender Jr. the Blanding's turtle to find as many turtles as possible within a week’s time. People are split up [...]

Meet Dr. Matt Allender Jr.2023-07-19T07:33:58-05:00

Any One Person Kayak Can Be A Two Person Kayak If You Believe

This week Dr. Laura Adamovicz and Sam Johnson are exploring Chain'O Lakes. They have done questionable things with kayaks... Very few turtles have been found, thus the turtles have become more valuable. https://youtube.com/shorts/vFUn_OZDDro?feature=share

Any One Person Kayak Can Be A Two Person Kayak If You Believe2023-06-07T19:24:10-05:00

When Your Waders are Wet but there’s Turtles to Catch

This past week the Walder team and Dr. Kaitlin Moorehead (Ph.D. student in WEL) worked with Du Page field biologist, Dan Thompson, to trap turtles in Du Page County. Dan Thompson has been lead biologist of the Blanding’s turtle restoration project since ~2015 and has kept it going despite many obstacles the project has faced. [...]

When Your Waders are Wet but there’s Turtles to Catch2023-06-04T11:18:51-05:00

What’s the Password?

On Friday May 26th, Lake County team, Walder team, box turtle team, and Dr. Kaitlin Moorehead (Ph.D. student in WEL) came together to trap and track turtles in Lake County. Everyone split up the work that was left to do for the week and conquered. During this time, the team caught seven hand captures and [...]

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Who Framed Honeybunz the turtle?

This week the Walder team visited Lake County’s field site where Varun Seth and Marg Bednarek track Blanding’s turtles. On the first day out with the team, Sam Johnson (Walder Foundation research A victory picture of Marg thinking this was Mickey before finding out it was really Honeybunz. technician) teamed up with Marg [...]

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Chicagoland Aqua Turtle Welcome

Hello turtle-loving humans! Thank you for your interest in the Wildlife Epidemiology Laboratory’s (WEL) participation in the Walder Foundation. The focus of this research is to understand infectious disease epidemiology at the community level, so instead of focusing on a single species of turtle (as the Kane County and Walder Foundation Team taking names [...]

Chicagoland Aqua Turtle Welcome2023-05-22T20:27:07-05:00
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