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Vetstar Editor - Help

Please visit the following URL for instructions on how to avoid or repair locked or deleted reports when using the Vetstar editor, Star Reports:


PACS Update

On Tuesday, January 31 2012, the PACS system was upgraded. The system will appear and function differently. Click on the following links for helpful reference guides:
PACS Tools

Log in with your netid and Campus AD password (same as your Exchange email).

If you need to reset your password, please visit the CITES Password Manager page https://passwords.cites.uiuc.edu/

Please contact Computing Services if you have problems or questions at net@vetmed.illinois.edu.

Entering Prescriptions in Vetstar

  • Prescriptions are ordered in the Vetstar Charge screen by students, staff, and clinicians, then electronically approved by clinicians (using their Vetstar PIN).
  • Only doctors having their own DEA numbers can approve controlled substance prescriptions that go out of the hospital.
  • Enter your patient's weight into Vetstar before ordering prescriptions.

Please visit http://vetmed.illinois.edu/vetstar/scripts.html for instructions.

(Picture Archiving and Communication System)

PACS login page

Access the PACS using one of the following links:

NOTE: When accessing the PACS using Wireless on campus, use IllinoisNet. Do not use QuickConnect.

UI Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Test Results (Webvad)
Test Lookup for VTH

Off-site or Wireless

PACS Password Change:
(Exchange email/UIUC AD)

CVM Computing Services

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