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Toxicology Scholars are appointed 50% research assistantship awards at the National Institute of Health (NIH) rate for 11 months, which includes a tuition and fee waiver.  The period of this year's award is from August 16, 2014 through July 15, 2015 (9 months academic plus 2 summer months).  The award carries with it a funding commitment in the second and third year at approximately 25% time.  However, the second and third year are subject to availability of funds, as well as to satisfactory progress in the awardee's research and academic program.  This includes adherence to the core curriculum and enrollment in the Interdisciplinary Toxicology Seminar ENVS/CB/PATH 596.

A requirement for all persons who have been named as Environmental Toxicology Scholars is to submit an annual progress report in March of each year.  These reports are examined by the Toxicology Steering Committee of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Toxicology Program.  They provide the Committee with the ability to consider the merits of the program and its effectiveness.  Also, they provide a basis for recommendations as to whether or not support for a student should continue for a second or third year as an Environmental Toxicology Scholar.

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