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April 2013 - The Illinois Veterinary Graduate: Meet Your Practice-Ready Partner
January 2013 - Zoo Path Program Marks 20 Years of Service
July 2012 - New Surgery Team Covers All the Bases
January 2012 - Update on Clinical Services
July 2011 - Developing an Incredible Curriculum: A Faculty Perspective
April 2011 - Scholarships Help Buffer Students from State Budget Woes
February 2011 - Hoffmann, Fredrickson Take on New Roles
July 2010 - Commitment to Veterinary Service Brings Fred Troutt Back to Hospital Director’s Office
November 2010 - Our Alumni Make "Brilliant Futures" Possible
January 2010 - The State We’re in, and Our Focus on the Future
November 2009 - UI Cancer Care -- And More -- Comes to Chicago
July 2009 - Our New Curriculum: Innovative, Integrated, Implemented
May 2009 - Five Ways Imaging Wows
March 2009 - Student Experience a Primary Reason for New Chicago Clinic
December 2008 - International Expert Leads Illinois Equine Team
October 2008
- Critical Mass in Emergency/Critical Care
August 2008 - The Secrets of a Successful Mentor
June 2008 - Your Efforts in Springfield—and Scholarships—Make a Tremendous Difference in Students’ Lives
April 2008
-From Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Research Leaders
February 2008 - Partners in Pigs
December 2007 - A Culture of Mentoring Energizes Our Profession
October 2007 - Chicago Center Will Soon Be Reality
August 2007 - Putting Veterinary Education into Practice
June 2007 - World-class CE at the Illini HQ
April 2007 - What’s New in Student Affairs
February 2007 - Setting Priorities
December 2006 - New Department Head Balances 'Veterinary' with 'Biosciences'
September 2006 -'One Medicine' Concept Puts Veterinary Medicine at the Center of Global Health
July 2006 - Who Do You Know? Join Us for Two Crucial Campaigns for Leadership at Illinois
May 2006 - Thank You for Your Legislative—and Financial—Support!
March 2006 - Dr. Mike Biehl Named as New Teaching Hospital Director
January 2006 - We’re All Connected: Illinois Takes a Global Approach to Sustainability
November 2005  - Laying the Groundwork for our Vision
October 2005 - Clinical Medicine a Priority for the College
August 2005 - Leadership at Illinois:  Building our Vision for the Future
May 2005 - Illinois Faculty are Leaders in Taking a Scholarly Approach to Veterinary Medicine
April 2005 Meet the New FARMS Team
February 2005 - Equine Group Envisions Sports Medicine Complex
December 2004 - Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
October-November 2004
August-September 2004

Bulletin of the Chicago Veterinary Medicine Association (pdf)

February 2013 - Rigorous Review at College, Association Levels Ensures Quality of Veterinary Education
January 2013 -A Whale of a Zoo Path Program, Right Here in Illinois
July 2012 - Who's Who in Small Animal Surgery at Illinois
May 2012 - Graduation: Looking Forward, Looking Back
March 2012 - Disseminating Authoritative Information Puts College on World Map
February 2012 - Coming Soon to Our Hospital in Urbana: Heidi Phillips, Stanley Rubin
November 2011 - New Urbana Experts Will Help You Breathe a Little Easier
September 2011 - Investing for Practice Success: Help Us Teach Students a Must-Have Skill
March 2011 - In Praise of 'People with the Passion'
January 2011
- Diagnostic Lab Continues Excellent Service Under New Leadership
November 2010 - Help Us Give Students the Business
September 2010 - Your College on the Move
May 2010 - “An Amazing Journey”: Year One of Our New Curriculum
March 2010 - Invest in Our Profession, One Student at a Time
January 2010 - The State We’re in, and Our Focus on the Future
December 2009 - Happy Holidays from the College of Veterinary Medicine
September 2009 - Test Your Knowledge of the New Curriculum
July 2009 - Our New Curriculum:  Clinical Relevance Starts Day One
May 2009 - Seeing Things Your Way, with Imaging Services
March 2009 -New Chicago Clinic Has Students in Mind
January 2009- Meet the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine Team
December 2008 - Five High-Yield Investment Strategies
October 2008 - Our ER, At Your Service
August 2008< Get Connected at Fall Conference
June 2008 - Cancer Care That’s Unmatched—Anywhere
March 2008 - Your College in Chicago: An Update
January 2008 - Enigmatic, Exotic, or Urgent: Medicine Section Has It Covered
November 2007 - New Faculty, Equipment Keep Hospital Surgery Staff on the Cutting Edge
September 2007 - Coming Soon to a Facility Near You…
July 2007 - The New DVM Curriculum & You
May 2007 - Fall Conference Offers a Broad Menu of Learning and Fun
March 2007 - A Student Affairs Primer
January 2007 - Our Top Five Priorities and What They Mean for YOU!
November 2006 - New Leader, New Facility Integrate Clinical and Research Strengths
September 2006 - 'One Medicine' Initiative Holds Potential for Chicago - and Global - Impact
July 2006 - Meet New Clinical Faculty at Fall Conference
May 2006 - CVMA Brings Our College to Chicago
March 2006 - Welcome, Dr. Biehl, Teaching Hospital Director
January 2006 - Participate in the Future of Your Profession Through the Teaching Hospital
November 2005 - Laying the Groundwork for Our Vision
August 2005 - Leadership at Illinois:  Building our Vision for the Future
June 2005 - Ophthalmology Service Running Full Speed Ahead
April 2005 - Joint Degree Reestablishes the Importance of the DVM in Human Health
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