So you have all gotten to experience the excitement of the portion of our days spent in the field, but you have yet to experience the joys of our lab work!

We actually both really enjoy working in the lab. It gives us a chance to organize all of our samples and learn a little more about the turtles that we get to spend so much time with!


The lab work can take anywhere from 1 – 4 hours depending on how many samples we have. So far this summer, we have already collected over 175 samples from turtles at our three different sites. While some of these are repeat turtles, these are very exciting numbers. Hopefully, we collect enough data to publish some interesting papers at the end of this summer.


Check out Sam looking like a pro while doing an oral swab on a juvenile!



Oh, and enjoy what seems like the World’s Smallest Handcaptured turtle… Kirsten found this 15 gram turtle out in the field… what a little nugget!

Enjoy learning a little bit more about our daily lab routine!