Welcome to Blanding’s Summer 2020 Blog 2


This week we further prepared for our move to Lake County by picking up our rental car and packing up the lab. Getting our car was quick and easy, but packing enough supplies for the summer is another story. It took us about 3 hours (and lots of caffeine) to work through our long list of supplies and strategically load them into 5 large coolers.



We try to pack our coolers by category including personal protective equipment, field collection supplies, hematology, DNA extraction, cleaning supplies, and more. Additionally, we bring sharps containers, lab equipment, backpacks, and waders. Almost everything we need for a summer of Blanding’s research is right here!


Blanding's Turtle


Since we are not yet in the field we wanted to introduce another awesome turtle technician we will be working with this summer. In this week’s vlog we learn all about Pat!



Check out our 2nd vlog to see our packing adventure and meet Pat. We will see you soon!