Central Illinois James Herriot

When I first began to pursue veterinary school seriously, my mom gifted me the beloved James Herriot books. As I flipped through the pages, I, like many others, began to fall in love with the veterinarian’s expeditions through rural England. Every day was different. Every day was magical. Veterinary medicine was exciting in those pages, and people that read those pages felt that excitement.  The life of Dr. James Herriot DVM was a dream, and I began crafting the magnificent life of a veterinarian in my mind as I pursued the veterinary school acceptance. I probably cannot describe what a “dream veterinary career” looks like. I’m not sure anyone truly can. For me, sometimes it looks like rolling hills and visiting the sweetest cows. Other times, it’s saving the white rhino population. Other times I wonder if it’s being a veterinarian on TV and inspiring the younger population to pursue veterinary medicine because of how amazing my life looks on television. All of these scenarios flowed through my mind as a senior in undergrad, eager for the endless opportunities of the fantastical veterinary career.


About the Author:

Carly Clark is a second-year student interested in characterizing box turtle health in Illinois and Tennessee. Maris Daleois a first year PhD student interested in box turtle health.
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