Blog 1: “The Big Pack”

Welcome to the Summer 2019 Blanding’s Blog! Our names are Sam and Kirsten and we are veterinary students at the University of Illinois. We also are student researchers in the Wildlife Epidemiology Lab here at U of I.

( Kirsten- Second Year Student)          (Sam – First Year Student)


This summer we will be performing health assessments on the State Endangered Blanding’s Turtle. We’re both so excited to start our summer and bring you along virtually on our journey of saving the world one turtle at a time!!

Our first video blog is all about the preparation work that needs to go into getting ready for the summer field season. Spoiler Alert … its a lot of lists and supplies and confusion! It’s very much a numbers game. How many months will I be in the field? How many turtles will I be assessing? So as you might assume,

STEP NUMER ONE: Make a master list of what you need and how much of it

STEP NUMBER TWO: Realize that you don’t have all your supplies and now order more

** A lot of boxes arriving in the field lab later **

STEP NUMBER THREE: Let the packing commence!!!

If you’re interested in seeing how we pack all of these items check out our vlog below! We filmed our packing process from start to finish. Don’t worry we condensed about four hours of packing into a 3 minute video for your viewing pleasure:


What’s next for us now?

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

T-minus 16 days until field season!