A Tour of VEO: Introduction

“The easy-to-follow format gives me the ability to stop anywhere and return at a later time—which works great with my erratic schedule.”

Continuing education is the key to improving your practice

New advances in veterinary medicine make continuing education (CE) a must for maintaining a successful practice. However, obtaining quality CE has become a major commitment in both time and money for the busy veterinarian. Costs can easily add up to thousands of dollars when you take into account travel, lodging, and lost business.

Now there is a solution for veterinarians nationwide searching for quality CE with the introduction of Veterinary Education Online, a web-based CE program that delivers professionally developed, university-level courseware in an interactive environment.

Anytime–any place convenience

Whether you work in a busy metropolitan clinic with an uncompromising schedule, or as an individual practitioner in the country where attending courses requires extensive travel, VEO removes the obstacles of obtaining CE and lets you control the “when and where.” Courses can be taken from your office or home, at any time and at your own pace. All you need is a computer and Internet access.