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This is an excellent introduction to cytology and focuses on the common sites aspirated in clinical practice. Course module contains three extensive units that cover cytology overview with an identification of cell components and backgrounds, an in-depth study of the lymph node and how it reacts to diseases, and cytology of skin and subcutaneous tissue featuring lesions and neoplasia. Module is available to veterinarians and licensed, registered, or certified veterinary technicians.


Anne M. Barger
Clinical Assistant Professor, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Clinical Assistant Professor, Veterinary Pathobiology
DVM, Univ. of Illinois; MS, Univ. of Illinois; Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists




Course Modules CE Hours Fees
Cytology 1 $30
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of cytology
  • Recognize cellular effects of diseases on the lymph nodes, skin, and subcutaneous tissue
  • Learn to apply cytology in your clinical practice
  • The stepwise fashion of teaching cytology used in this module will allow the practitioner to build confidence in his/her cytology skills