VEO Courses

The Office of Public Engagement at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine is offering these modules to enhance your knowledge and increase your clinical skills. The following modules represent the equivalent of continuing education credit as indicated. We advise that you check with your state's regulatory board to ensure acceptance of online continuing education credit.

Pain Management

A pain management primer that trains you on the latest drugs and techniques for acute and chronic pain management.


An in-depth course that focuses on every aspect of the eye.

Clinical Small Animal Dentistry

The definitive training program for canine and feline dentistry that will advance your dental practice.

Diagnostic Imaging

A comprehensive imaging course that will enhance your diagnostic expertise.


An intensive image-based course that will enhance your ability to perform cytology in-house.

Parasitology and Emerging Diseases

The latest updates on effective parasite treatments in companion animals, swine, and equine as well as a review of the latest research on West Nile virus.


An overview of various toxins and their clinical impact on small animals, as well as detailed protocols for the management of toxicoses.

Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

A course designed to give the busy practitioner treatment options for a variety of emergency and critical care situations.