Sandra Manfra Marretta

Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine


DVM, Cornell Univ.; Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons; Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College

Professional Interests:

Clinical investigations including epidemiological studies of dental disease in the dog and cat and the development of techniques and models to improve the recognition and treatment of periodontal and endodontic disease in these species.

Selected Publications:

Manfra Marretta S. Maxillofacial surgery. Vet Clin North Amer (Small Anim Pract) 1998;28(5):1285-1296.

Brine EJ, Manfra Marretta S. Endodontic treatment of a fractured maxillary right fourth premolar tooth: A case report. J Vet Dent 1999;16:159-163.

Mendoza KA, Manfra Marretta S, Siegel AM, Stapleton BL, Wiggs RB, Klippert LS. Comparison of two heated gutta percha and sealer obturation techniques in canine teeth of dogs. J Vet Dent 2000;17:69-74.

Manfra Marretta S. Dentistry and diseases of the oropharynx. In: Birchard SJ, Sherding RG (eds): Saunders Manual of Small Animal Practice, 2nd edition. Saunders, Philadelphia, 2000; 702-725.

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