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Elective Tracks

Which elective track will you take?

That will depend on your current knowledge and your career goals. We created elective tracks to group similar courses to help students reach common career goals.  You can pick and choose which one interests you, or design your own track.

Unsure which path is right for you? Schedule a call with one of our advisors. We will listen to your career goals and help guide you on the right path.

Foundations of Veterinary Science

3 courses, 12 credit hours

Focuses on the concepts taught in the first year of veterinary school.

Systems Health Management

4 courses, 16 credit hours

Hybrid courses (requires two in-person courses each semester)

Courses focus on systems measurement, data analysis, solution development and implementation

Limited seats available and requires approval to enroll

Companion Animal Nutrition

We partnered with the Animal Science department in the College of Agriculture, Consumer Economics and Sciences to allow MVS students to take courses in the Companion Animal Nutrition graduate certificate. Students pursuing this elective track will only be able to count one course towards the MVS degree.

Students choosing to earn the Companion Animal Nutrition graduate certificate as well as their MVS degree will complete a total of 38 credit hours.

Livestock Operations Management

3 courses, 12 credit hours.

Courses focus on business strategy concepts taught in business schools, supply chain management and operations management.

Designed for people working in the animal health industry looking to advance their career

Students who complete an elective track and do not finish the degree program will receive a graduate certificate from the College of Veterinary Medicine representing they completed the courses.