Slithering Through Indiana

I spent the last few weeks in Indiana soaking up as much fieldwork as possible before school starts up again! Three weeks ago, our group set out on a (short) road trip to conduct the first formal survey of Snake Fungal Disease in Indiana! Thanks to Dr. Sarah Baker and Seth LaGrange we found [...]

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Week 11: Final Thoughts and Thank Yous

Most of our data collecting is complete and we are on to analysis! It was slightly sad to move out of our Lake County “mansion” and away from our 8 other phenomenal roommates, but cleaning out our bedrooms and field lab reminded us of all that we have accomplished this summer. Here’s a summary of [...]

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Week 10: Blanding’s Blunders and Bloopers

Throughout our summer blog we have mainly focused on our accomplishments and the fun we have had while working. However, this summer was not always sunshine and rainbows. This week we want to highlight some of the “challenges" we experienced and never discussed.   Oh the things we have learned... Don’t freeze your Complete Blood [...]

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Coded for Success

The first time I learned about DNA was in biology class my freshman year of high school. I learned that DNA is made up of paired letters that form a twisting ladder structure, and that the structure determines how living things look and function. I learned more about how my own set of DNA [...]

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Week 8: Team work makes the dream work

This week, we are going to change things up! We wanted to showcase the incredible, amazing, wonderful, fantastic team we have been working and living with this summer so we asked everyone to write a little bio about themselves!! Working with this group has truly been an awesome experience and they help make work fun [...]

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