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Julia Whittington

Exotic Animal

    D.V.M., University of Illinois
Dr. Julia Whittington is the service head for the Companion Exotic Animal Medicine service, which provides comprehensive preventative, advanced, and emergent care for exotic animal pets. She is also director of the Wildlife Medical Clinic, which cares for nearly 1,500 wild animals annually and is staffed by teams of veterinary students. Dr. Whittington coordinates the Wildlife and Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery clinical veterinary student rotations. Her interests include avian, small mammal, and wildlife medicine. Dr. Whittington is active in public education and outreach, serving as the College of Veterinary Medicine Public Relations Response Team member for wildlife and environmental health issues. She also works with the Office of Public Engagement as the Wildlife and Exotic Animal Extension Veterinarian for the College of Veterinary Medicine.

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