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Introduction: Imaging Anatomy Website

The Imaging Anatomy web site is a basic atlas of normal imaging anatomy of domestic animals. It is designed as an aid for veterinary students beginning their study of diagnostic imaging. It is not meant to be a comprehensive reference of imaging anatomy. It is also not meant to present the range of variation across breeds of the domestic animals. The site is the result of the work of Gerald J. Pijanowski, DVM, PhD and Steve Kneller, DVM, MS, DACVR, along with the design wizardry of Nancy Oliver of the Design Group. The overlays used to highlight various structures on each image are the result of the hard work of Seth Kramer, Class of 2011. Thanks to the research of Seth Kramer, the color palate used should accomodate the common forms of color blindness. Any errors, omissions or other mistakes are the responsibilty of the creators. Your comments and suggestions are invited. Please e-mail them to