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Dr. CheMyong Jay KoThank you for visiting our laboratory, a place for junior scientists who have passion for science. This is their laboratory for learning scientific skills, experimenting new ideas, growing to excellency and developing new knowledge for all. These goals are achieved by working on a few projects. One of the main themes of the laboratory is to elucidate the mechanism governing the breakdown and rupture of the follicle during the ovulatory process. This process is activated by a surge of luteinizing hormone (LH), a pituitary gonadotropin, which triggers dramatic changes in the ovary at molecular, biochemical, and physical levels, eventually leading to the rupture of a mature follicle, releasing an egg. However, many of the key factors involved in and the mechanism governing the process of LH release and follicle rupture are yet to be unveiled. Our research team aims to reveal the LH-induced intraovarian molecular events and the roles that ovarian steroid hormones play in this process, ultimately to help women who suffer from infertility caused by ovulatory defects. Other exciting projects include reproductive toxicology, novel roles that sex steroids play in reproductive/non-reproductive tissues and generation of novel transgenic animals and databases for shared uses. Please take a moment to explore our projects, meet our people and see some funny or serious photos taken by our team members. Please contact any of our team members if you are interested in our projects or want to collaborate with us. You can find their email contacts and projects in the ‘People’  section.

News From the Lab:

“Parental Guidance: Exploring the Dangers of EDC Exposure In Utero”

Featured at the ENDO 2018 conference, BBC World News, and many other articles, Radwa Barakat’s research on the prenatal exposure of DEHP and the transgenerational effects in males continues to raise concerns pertaining to reproductive health. Her research supports the need to limit exposure and find a safer replacement for DEHP. Missed her talk at […]

Welcoming Our New Youngin: Talia

Welcome to the Ko laboratory, Talia! Talia is a junior from Penn State University who is currently majoring in toxicology and minoring in human development and family studies. As one of the 7 students accepted into the SURE Toxicology program, she will be training under Radwa Barakat and conducting research in the transgenerational effects in […]

“The Real Reasons You Shouldn’t Clone Your Dog” featuring Dr. Ko on Smithsonian

To clone or not to clone. Dr. CheMyong Jay Ko recently shared his unique story and experience with cloning dogs on Smithsonian. In this article, Dr. Ko shares how he was contacted by a man who was distraught about losing his beloved dog. As a result, this man wanted to clone his dog. […]

Wrapping up ENDO 2018

This past weekend has been an extremely successful weekend for the Ko laboratory. During this conference, Radwa Barakat had two live press conferences with Endocrine Society and BBC World News discussing prenatal exposure to DEHP and its outcomes on male fertility in mice and its implication in society. In […]