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Dr. CheMyong Jay KoThank you for visiting our laboratory, a place for junior scientists who have passion for science. This is their laboratory for learning scientific skills, experimenting new ideas, growing to excellency and developing new knowledge for all. These goals are achieved by working on a few projects. One of the main themes of the laboratory is to elucidate the mechanism governing the breakdown and rupture of the follicle during the ovulatory process. This process is activated by a surge of luteinizing hormone (LH), a pituitary gonadotropin, which triggers dramatic changes in the ovary at molecular, biochemical, and physical levels, eventually leading to the rupture of a mature follicle, releasing an egg. However, many of the key factors involved in and the mechanism governing the process of LH release and follicle rupture are yet to be unveiled. Our research team aims to reveal the LH-induced intraovarian molecular events and the roles that ovarian steroid hormones play in this process, ultimately to help women who suffer from infertility caused by ovulatory defects. Other exciting projects include reproductive toxicology, novel roles that sex steroids play in reproductive/non-reproductive tissues and generation of novel transgenic animals and databases for shared uses. Please take a moment to explore our projects, meet our people and see some funny or serious photos taken by our team members. Please contact any of our team members if you are interested in our projects or want to collaborate with us. You can find their email contacts and projects in the ‘People’  section.

News From the Lab:

Ji-Eun Oh: Janice M Bahr Award at UIUC 2023

Ji-Eun received the Janice M Bahr Award to attend the Society for the Study of Reproduction 2023 annual meeting (July 11th-July 14th). She presented poster about her project entitled ‘In the developing ovary, TGFβ1 converts ESR1-expressing lineage cells to ESR2-expressing granulosa cells’.

Mary Bunnell: Press conference at ENDO 2023

Mary was invited by the Endocrine Society to present her project “Prenatal phthalate exposure alters the pattern of fetal and neonatal endocrine puberty in a sex-specific manner” in the Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Press Conference at the meeting.

(Link for press conference video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW8ttkEOPBc

And Link for press release from the Endocrine Society’s website https://www.endocrine.org/news-and-advocacy/news-room/2023/endo-2023-press-bunnell )

Mary Bunnell: Travel Award at ENDO 2023

At the ENDO 2023 conference in Chicago, IL, Mary presented her project titled “Prenatal phthalate exposure alters the pattern of fetal and neonatal endocrine puberty in a sex-specific manner.” She made an oral presentation at the meeting and received an Outstanding Abstract Award.


Radwa Barakat: Poster Competition Award at SOT 2019

Radwa attended the Society of Toxicology 2019 Annual Meeting (Mar 9 – Mar 14, 2019) and presented her recent study entitled with ‘Differential transmission of EDC-induced male reproductive traits via maternal vs. paternal lineages’. She received the Poster Competition Award in the Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Specialty section.

Congratulations! Radwa

“How diapers and menstrual pads are exposing babies and women to hormone-disrupting, toxic chemicals” on Environmental Health News

‘The latest example of products falling through regulatory cracks and an inadequate societal focus on women’s reproductive health’.  Our recent report on the content of VOCs and phthalates contained in sanitary pads and diapers is causing a social wave. The study was spurred by an investigation from South Korean media outlets in 2017 that […]