WMC Not Taking New Patients Until Further Notice

In light of the evolving COVID-19 response, the Wildlife Medical Clinic has made the challenging decision to stop accepting any new patients effective immediately. In an effort to preserve human life and support those on the front lines of the pandemic, the Wildlife Medical Clinic at Illinois and University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital will work to make supplies available, including much needed gloves, masks, and respiratory support equipment, to local human health care providers.

We will continue to care for our current patients and ambassador animals as before. If found, wildlife obviously suffering may be brought to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for euthanasia. Alternatively, you may contact your local wildlife rehabilitator for guidance. A list of those resources can be found here: https://bit.ly/2UhPsjk

Thank you to our supporters who have generously reached out to offer a kind word, financial support, or equipment. Your compassion and energy will keep us driving forward during these unprecedented times. The Wildlife Medical Clinic will continue to return phone messages as long as we can; please be patient as we balance this with other critical functions during this difficult time. We will re-evaluate our decision to stay closed on April 7 and advise as to our status after that time.

Stay safe. We look forward to serving our community and helping local wildlife again soon.