Thanksgiving Wildlife Medical Clinic Mad Lib

For those who have not had the overwhelming pleasure of creating a Mad Lib before, the rules are simple: write down the first word that comes to mind consistent with the type of word indicated (e.g. “gooey” for an adjective), then read your own unique story as a whole once every blank is filled! We hope you enjoy this activity! Let us know what your stories look like on our social media pages!

I was SO (emotion) when the Wildlife Medical Clinic announced that they would be

having their annual (event) at the (business name) down the street! My entire family

just loves seeing all of the animals (verb+ing) with their (adjective) (body part plural)

and (adjective) (body part plural). This year, since it’s happening in November, I think

I am going to wear extra (clothing item plural) and (clothing item plural) so that I am

not cold. Some of my (adjective) friends said they would (verb) with me, so we can talk

about all the (adjective) characteristics of the animals! My favorite animal last year was

the (animal), it had a beautiful (body part). I wonder if they will have any turkeys; I’d

love to see their (noun) and hear their (noise) in person. Maybe next year, I’ll even

invite my (family member) from (country) to come see, that would make me so

(emotion). Either way, I know I will have so much fun seeing all of the (animals), and

I’ll keep reading all of the Hawk Talks the Wildlife Medical Clinic at the University of

Illinois publishes! Happy holidays!!


Written by Jamie Booth, Class of 2023