Spot-It: Wildlife Edition!

We take in so many interesting patients throughout our time in the Wildlife Medical Clinic and we try to share as much as we possibly can with the public. Despite these intentions, it is sometimes difficult to remember to get a photograph and document the case in the midst of our care. However, you can see down below that some pretty interesting procedures take place within our doors. The challenge we have for you is to find all the listed items within each respective picture. Let us know how you did on our Facebook page!

Photo #1

  • An item used to keep the wings in place
  • An item used to take radiographs of the bird
  • Something to keep the bird anesthetized while radiographs are performed

Photo #2

  • A piece of proper PPE (personal protective equipment) our staff is wearing
  • The part of the turtle that helps it swim
  • How a snapping turtle protects itself in the wild

Photo #3

  • Something to support the bird’s wing while it is injured
  •  An animal with a horn
  •  A very happy WMC manager!

Photo #4

  •  An alien
  • Where the snake’s tail starts
  • Something to keep a surgery incision closed to heal

    Photo #5

  • Something to help the bird breathe while asleep
  • Something to keep the bird’s tail feathers safe while at the WMC
  • *Bonus* What is the name of the position the bird is currently in?

Correct Answers:

Photo 1:Tape, imaging plate OR radiograph machine, anesthetic mask

Photo 2: Gloves, webbed toes, nails/mouth (biting)/plastron (shell)

Photo 3: Wing wrap, the narwhal on the blanket in the back, Cynthia!

Photo 4: Any alien-looking pattern on the snake, just above the blue stripe on the towel, the sutures (stitches) in the snake’s belly

Photo 5: Green reservoir bag/anesthetic tubing, tail guard, lateral recumbency!