WMC Conservation Newsletter Summer 2018- World Conservation

Jaguar Cubs Help Youth Understand Conservation

18-day-old Jaguar Cubs

In early April two female jaguar cubs were

born at the Animal Kingdom wildlife park in San Juan Teotihuacan, just outside of Mexico City. Although initially bottle fed by caretakers and exploring their new enclosure, at 4 months they will be too large and dangerous to approach weighing about 110 pounds as adults. The largest cats in the Americas, and the third largest in the world, jaguars are classified as “near-threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and they have seen a 25% population decline in the last 20 years. Said Jose Luis Gonzalez, a wildlife manager at the park, “Children are the ones who will inherit these species, and this planet.” For more cute pictures of jaguar cubs, see the original article By Jean Luis Arce.

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Kate Keets VM2021

WMC Conservation Chair