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Recent Publications

  1. Shemesh OA, Linghu C, Piatkevich KD, Goodwin D, Gritton HJ, Romano MF, Tseng H, Bensussen S, Narayan S, Yang C, Freifeld L, Siciliano C, Gupta I, Pak N, Yoon YG, Ullmann J, Zoe R. Won Min Park S, Tye K, Keating AE, Reimer J, Tolias A, Han X, Ahrens MB, Boyden ES (2020). Precision calcium imaging of dense neural populations via a cell body-targeted calcium indicator (Neuron; 5:107(3):470-486).
  2. Gritton HJ*, Howe WM*, Romano MR*, Bucklin ME, Han X (2019). Unique contributions of parvalbumin and cholinergic interneurons in organizing striatal neurons during movement (Nature Neuroscience; 22(4):586-597).
  3. James NM*, Gritton HJ*, Kopell N, Sen K, Han X (2019). Muscarinic receptors regulate auditory and prefrontal cortical communication during auditory processing (Neuropharmacology; Jan; (144): 155-171). *Co-First Author
  4. Romano M, Bucklin M, Gritton HJ, Mehrotra D, Kessel R, Han X (2019). A Teensy microcontroller-based interface for optical imaging camera control during behavioral experiments (J. Neuroscience Methods; (320):107-115).
  5. Piatkevich KD, Bensussen S, Tseng H, Shroff SN, Huerta VGL, Park D, Jung EE, Shemesh O, Straub C, Gritton HJ, Romano MF, Sabatini BL, Fu Z, Han X, Boyden ES (2019). Population imaging of neural activity in awake behaving mice in multiple brain regions (Nature; 574(7778):413-417).
  6. Badon A, Bensussen S, Gritton HJ, Han X, Mertz J (2019). Video-rate volumetric neuronal imaging with Multi-Z confocal microscopy (Optica; 6(4):389-395)
  7. Shen SP, Tseng H, Hansen KR, Wu R, Gritton HJ, Si J, Han X (2018) Automatic Cell Segmentation by Adaptive Thresholding (ACSAT) for large scale calcium imaging datasets (eNeuro; 5(5):0056-18).
  8. Keaveney MK, Tseng H, Ta T, Gritton HJ, Man H, Han X (2018) A microRNA-based gene targeting tool for virally labelling interneurons in the rodent cortex (Cell Reports; 20(6): 1335-1347).
  9. Xiao S, Tseng H, Gritton HJ, Han X, Mertz J, (2018) Video-rate volumetric neuronal imaging using 3D targeted illumination (Scientific Reports; 8(1):7921).
  10. Howe WM, Gritton HJ*, Lusk N, Roberts EA, Hetrick, VL, Berke JD, Sarter M (2017) Phasic acetylcholine release in prefrontal cortex promotes gamma oscillations and theta-gamma coupling during cue detection. (Journal of Neuroscience; 37(12):3215-3230). *Co-First Author