We create things that delight the senses and serve the purpose: from graphic design to illustration to 3D modeling and more. We design for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Illinois and for companies large and small. Our team is well-rounded and we are willing to take on any project to best suit your needs. Each project is spearheaded by our Creative Director and team of designers and illustrators.



Creative Director

Justin is the director of the Design Group and he drives the creative direction of the team. He approaches each client and project as a challenge to create unique, memorable work to help promote the College of Veterinary Medicine. For him, it’s not about what’s new or cool. It’s important to tap into research, trends, and strategic design thinking to get attention and results.


Web Specialist

Nancy is a web specialist who creates, designs and maintains websites. She also specializes in developing interactive training materials, interactive animations and online games.

Grace O'Brien


Multimedia Graphics Specialist

Grace is a graphic designer who conceptualizes, designs, and develops a wide range of digital and print communications. She specializes in typography, layout, lettering, and illustration.