Marrina White

Tell us about your background (education, work, journey, experiences).

-BS in animal science (public health minor) from UIUC in May 2023
-Served multiple positions on the Pre Vet Club in Undergrad, President of the Illini Wildlife and Conservation Club
-Have volunteered at the Wildlife Medical Clinic for 3 years
-Currently working at a small animal hospital near UIUC

How is/was this program beneficial for you?

I feel this program was very beneficial as I got to dip my toes into graduate classes. Next year I hope to be in the Masters of Veterinary Science program!

What part of the program did you find most impactful (specific course, mentoring, community, skill development, etc.)? Describe that impact.

I think the mentoring aspect was a big part of it. My first semester pod leader, Dr. Russhawn Aldridge, has helped me through my vet school application process and I can’t thank her enough for her encouraging words and advice.

What is one thing you would say to someone considering this program?

You definitely need to have self motivation to complete all of the lectures and assignments on time. It’s nice that you can do the lectures at your own pace, but you can’t procrastinate like some undergraduate classes.

What’s next in your journey (vet school, graduate school, work, etc.)?

I plan to pursue the masters of veterinary science at UIUC while applying for vet school. I would love to also attend U of I for vet school!