2 Semester Program

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Certificate in Veterinary Science: 2 Semester Program

Earn a graduate certificate in Veterinary Science

in only two semesters!

A Comprehensive 2 SemesterGraduate Certificate
in Veterinary Science
Take 4 Classes And change
your life
Invest <$9K To advance
your career

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The Certificate in Veterinary Science is offered at as a two-semester, part-time program. You may begin in the spring or fall semesters.

The courses:

Students will take the 4 courses and a total of 12 credit hours in an accelerated format, allowing them to earn their graduate certificate in one academic year! Learn more about the courses here.

Program Schedule:

Course NameCredit HoursSchedule
VCM 507: Veterinary Form and Function3Semester 1
VCM 509: Biology of Veterinary Pathogens3Semester 1
VCM 513: Science of Health Homeostasis3Semester 2
VCM 514: Science of Health Evaluation3Semester 2

This format of the CVS program is perfect for:

  1. Aspiring Veterinary School Students:
    Individuals considering veterinary school who want to strengthen their application by gaining foundational knowledge and skills in anatomy, physiology, and animal health management.
  2. Non-Veterinarian Professionals Seeking Knowledge:
    Professionals from diverse fields who are not veterinarians but wish to acquire in-depth knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and animal health management, possibly for career enhancement or transition.
  3. Pre-Veterinary Students Seeking a Solid Foundation:
    Students on the path to veterinary school who aim to build a strong foundation for success by taking courses that focus on the concepts taught in the first year of veterinary school.
  4. Applicants Looking to Enhance Veterinary School Applications:
    Individuals looking to enhance their veterinary school application by completing the Certificate of Veterinary Science program, demonstrating a commitment to furthering their education and understanding of veterinary sciences.
  5. Candidates Filling the Gap Between Degrees:
    Students who have completed their undergraduate degree and are seeking to fill the gap between their undergraduate education and the rigor of veterinary school through specialized courses.
  6. Individuals Ready to Deepen Competence in Critical Thinking:
    Applicants who are ready to deepen their confidence and competence in critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, essential skills for success in veterinary school and future practice.

Program Objectives:

  1. Foundation for Veterinary School Success:
    Establish a robust foundation that equips students with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for success in veterinary school.
  2. Application of Health Science Principles:
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the application of basic principles of health science in addressing and resolving diverse animal health problems.
  3. Enhanced Veterinary Applications:
    Strengthen and better prepare veterinary school applications by acquiring specialized knowledge and practical skills that demonstrate a commitment to excellence in animal health.
  4. Confidence and Competence in Critical Thinking:
    Develop a high level of confidence and competence in critical thinking specifically geared towards solving complex animal health problems, fostering the ability to analyze, diagnose, and propose effective solutions.

By aligning these program objectives, students will not only be well-prepared for the challenges of veterinary school but will also possess a strong foundation in health science principles and critical thinking, making them adept at addressing real-world animal health issues.

The CVS is also offered as a 12 week program. Learn more here!

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