Carrigan Klek

Give us a brief summary of your background? (education, work, experiences).

During college, I worked as a part-time veterinary assistant at a general practice, volunteered at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and was involved in a couple of on-campus clubs. I then graduated from The Ohio State University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. After graduation, I started full-time as a veterinary assistant in the emergency department at an animal emergency room/specialty hospital, which is what I continue to do today.

How did you become interested in the Certificate in Integrated Animal Health Sciences?

I applied for veterinary medical school in 2021 and, unfortunately, didn’t get accepted into any programs, which is when my friend forwarded me the email that he had gotten about the Certificate in Integrated Animal Health Sciences. This post-baccalaureate program sounded perfect for my situation, it was a high-yield science program, less than a yearlong, online, and was veterinary based from the University of Illinois’ veterinary medical school.

Tell us about the personal and professional impact of this program in your life?

I’m so happy that I completed this program because it made me think critically, seems to have mentally prepared me for veterinary medical school, and helped me create new study habits. I also find myself asking more questions at work and wanting to know the “why” behind the cases that we come across.

In what way has the certificate program affected your future career perspectives and prospects?

This program showed me a small glimpse into the life of a veterinary medical student, and with the knowledge and different way of thinking that they supplied, I feel that I am ready for the next steps, and hope that I will be accepted into a program soon.

What is one thing about the certificate program you would say to someone considering enrollment?

I would highly recommend this certificate program to anyone who is working on bettering themselves in their education and their professional life, and to anyone who is determined to get into veterinary medical school. I was struggling to find a post-baccalaureate program that checked all my boxes, I am so fortunate that I came upon this program when I did, and I’m proud of myself for doing well and completing it.