Wild Life Line Volunteer Recap!

The opportunity to volunteer at the Wildlife Medical Clinic is one of the unique experiences offered to veterinary students at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. Whether students have minimal wildlife handling experience or years of wildlife rehab under their belts, Illinois veterinary students are encouraged to volunteer in this hands-on clinical environment. However, not every veterinary school has this kind of opportunity available. Because of this, the Wildlife Medical Clinic has developed a conference for veterinary students interested in wildlife medicine called Wild-Life-Line.

The conference was held during the last weekend of March and welcomed veterinary students from all over the United States to Champaign-Urbana. The curriculum included two days of both didactic and hands-on training. Participants were taught a multitude of things including species identification, physical exam skills, triage and bandaging, anesthesia, and case management. Throughout each of the activities, students were able to work one on one with WMC doctors and students to ensure they were getting the most out of their experience. Continue reading

Not Good Target Practice

Recently, a Canada goose presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic after potentially being shot (illegally if outside of waterfowl hunting season). Sure enough, a small wound was found under the right leg and one mall metal pellet was palpated. This pellet was removed, and otherwise, the goose appeared bright and active (and of course, hissing). The goose was given an injectable, long-acting pain medication as well as an oral antibiotic. We wanted to start with a broad-spectrum antibiotic to cover any possibilities considering we didn’t know what could be in the wound. The final drug started was an oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Continue reading