Orphan Season

The weather is starting to get warmer and the days are beginning to last longer – orphan season is about to start! We see the young of various species in our clinic each year; of those, each has its own unique breeding timeline and characteristics. So, what does the breeding season look like for our patients? Below, you’ll find information on some of the most common mammals that we see in the WMC during the spring season!

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Sponsor A Day

Today the clinic is sponsored by Patricia and Randall Rushing in celebration of their golden retriever Poppy and the life he had with them. They were fortunate to welcome Poppy into their home from Love A Golden Rescue in St. Louis. He passed away many years ago but the Rushing’s continue to celebrate his life each and every day💙.

Thank you to the Rushing’s for the generous gift of sponsoring the clinic for a day. Donations like this allow us to continue helping injured and orphaned wildlife just like these.

Sponsor a day in honor of Katie Duitsman’s birthday!

In honor of Katie Duitsman’s birthday, Lynne Reagan has sponsored a day at the Wildlife Medical Clinic! Over the years Katie has trusted the clinic to care for many animals she has encountered that needed help. This gift will allow us to continue helping sick and injured wildlife, just like the animals Katie has brought in! Happy Birthday Katie and we hope you have a fantastic day!