WMC Not Taking New Patients Until Further Notice

In light of the evolving COVID-19 response, the Wildlife Medical Clinic has made the challenging decision to stop accepting any new patients effective immediately. In an effort to preserve human life and support those on the front lines of the pandemic, the Wildlife Medical Clinic at Illinois and University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital will work to make supplies available, including much needed gloves, masks, and respiratory support equipment, to local human health care providers.

We will continue to care for our current patients and ambassador animals as before. If found, wildlife obviously suffering may be brought to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for euthanasia. Alternatively, you may contact your local wildlife rehabilitator for guidance. A list of those resources can be found here: https://bit.ly/2UhPsjk

Thank you to our supporters who have generously reached out to offer a kind word, financial support, or equipment. Your compassion and energy will keep us driving forward during these unprecedented times. The Wildlife Medical Clinic will continue to return phone messages as long as we can; please be patient as we balance this with other critical functions during this difficult time. We will re-evaluate our decision to stay closed on April 7 and advise as to our status after that time.

Stay safe. We look forward to serving our community and helping local wildlife again soon.

Undergraduate Volunteer Interviews

A majority of the individuals who work in the Wildlife Medical Clinic are current University of Illinois veterinary students. However, a not-enough-talked-about aspect in our clinic is the incredible undergraduate program that allows students hand-on experience prior to attending veterinary school! Our undergraduate volunteers are an irreplaceable asset to our entire team. These amazing students make the trek all the way to the vet school campus to assist with orphan care, patient treatments, pager shifts, and everything in between. We wanted to take the time to spotlight just a couple of the students in this program and see what they like about volunteering in the WMC. Take a look at what they had to say below!

Lindsay Dwyer

Q: What has been your favorite part of being in the Wildlife Medical Clinic?

My favorite part of being in WMC is getting exposed to knowledge that I wouldn’t learn through undergrad classes. Learning from vet med professors, team leaders/members and from the patients has made me feel much more prepared for my future. Continue reading

Conservation Themed Holiday Gift Ideas

Haven’t finished all of your holiday shopping yet? There are a ton of fun and thoughtful conservation themed gifts that you can give this season! Here are just a few ideas for gifts that will make your family and friends smile all while helping wildlife and the environment.

Snazzy Socks!

Everybody loves a pair of fun socks. They are a great gift to give to anyone – adults or kids! There are a few conservation inspired companies that sell a variety of socks with different colors and patterns. The company Gorilla Socks was created in order to raise awareness of endangered species including their threats and serious risk of extinction. Every pair of socks purchased helps to support their conservation partners in an effort to save endangered species around the globe. Shongolulu is another great company that also has other products available, including hats and scarves! For every purchase, 10% of the proceeds will go to non-profit organizations that are working to save wildlife, protect endangered species, and preserve critical habitat.

Continue reading