Sneky Situation

Jamie Booth c/o 2023

Unlike many you may ask, most of us in the Wildlife Medical Clinic LOVE seeing snakes come in and are eager to help them in any way we can. This excitement was no less when a recent patient of ours, a common garter snake, came in stuck to a piece of packing tape. The poor little noodle had the unfortunate luck of slithering into someone’s home and getting all tangled into the sticky side of the tape. Luckily, the snake had entered the home of an animal lover who quickly brought it to the Clinic so we could help! Continue reading

A Hairy Case: Our Lessons from an Adult Bobcat

Kaylee Cox & Natalie Zimmerman c/o 2022)

This February, a 30-pound male bobcat presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic after a long journey from western Illinois.  He was found on the side of the road by Illinois DNR who brought him to a local veterinarian (and former WMC volunteer!) who was able to stabilize the bobcat and begin diagnostics to assess the patient. There, radiographs revealed that this bobcat had pelvic fractures, likely from being hit by a car, as well as several bullet fragments throughout its abdomen. Because this veterinarian is a former WMC volunteer, she knew exactly who to call for continued care – our very own veterinary staff here at the Wildlife Medical Clinic! After the arrangements were made, this bobcat’s three-hour journey across Illinois began. 

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