Welcome Back, Students!

At the beginning of each school year, applications open for undergraduate and veterinary students to become care team members for our patients. We are so excited about the large turnout we received this year! Almost 120 veterinary medicine and undergraduate students attended our first lunchtime rounds, and have since been divided into six teams. Each team is led by three 2nd or 3rd -year Team Leaders who are responsible for coming up with treatment plans for new patients and catching new members up to speed with the way things are done in the clinic. For our 40th anniversary as a clinic, we could not have hoped for a better group!

Even some of the resident animals were able to stop by!

From left to right: Allison holding Thistle the American kestrel, Ally holding Odin the red-tailed hawk, Jess holding Hazel the box turtle and Alexis holding Derby the eastern screech owl! They made an appearance to educate new wildlife clinic volunteers about the resident animal program and encourage new members to join in their care and outreach! Learn more about them here: https://vetmed.illinois.edu/wildlife/residents/educational-and-pr-visits/