Barred Owl Joins WMC as New Resident

barred owl

This beautiful barred owl has recently been accepted as a new member of the resident raptor team!

She initially presented this past spring because she was unable to fly. Radiography, palpation, and range of motion exams determined she had a very old upper humeral fracture. The proximity to the shoulder joint and chronicity of damage made veterinarians determine she would not be a candidate for surgery. Volunteers asked a local raptor facility to flight test her, as she was remarkably non-painful and otherwise very healthy, but she was returned having been deemed non-flighted and non-releasable. Due to the owl’s unusually calm and docile personality, our PR team assessed her for life as a resident. She not only passed with flying colors, she has been progressing well through her basic training and is increasingly comfortable with her care team. In fact, they hope to choose and announce her name in the near future. 

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