New Golf Cart!

New cage setup for a Turkey Vulture

Dr. Reich, foreground L, investigates a Turkey Vulture’s external fixator. Kara, background, unpacks and organizes supplies during the move.

If you’ve been keeping up with our social media this summer, you’ve noticed that we’ve relocated to a new (temporary) location! While this new space is much larger, and it’s already feeling like home, it is also further away from our intake area.

Our spacious new office!

As Good Samaritans will continue bringing injured wildlife to the Small Animal front desk (1008 W Hazelwood Dr, Urbana, IL 61802), our volunteers must quickly and safely transport these patients to our new facilities. When these animals are small litters of rabbits, brought in a little box, we simply walk them back to our clinic. However, what if the patient is a nervous raptor, perhaps not even in a box?


That’s where two generous donors stepped in. Thank you to Leon Williams and Donna Dietrich for donating a golf cart for patient and equipment transport! This cart will allow volunteers to get patients back to the clinic, take them to the main hospital for radiographs, surgeries, or other procedures, and allow us to move any necessary equipment or donations between buildings.

Our VM2 manager, Kara, takes the new cart for a test drive. 100% approval!