The Veterinary Revolution: Walmart, Amazon, and the Future of Pet Care

In this episode of The Round Barn, Dr. Jim Lowe and Kaylee Hillinger dive into the dynamic world of pet care, discussing the recent entry of retail giants Walmart and Amazon into the veterinary telehealth space. From Walmart’s acquisition of the telehealth firm PAWP to Amazon’s considerations for offering veterinary telehealth, the hosts explore the […]

Gene Editing for Animal Welfare and Agriculture: A Bright Future

In this episode of The Round Barn Podcast, Dr. Jim Lowe and Kaylee Hillinger discuss gene editing and its potential to revolutionize animal welfare and agriculture. The hosts explain the difference between gene editing and genetic modification and explore the recent advancements in CRISPR technology. They highlight the progress made in creating disease-resistant animals, such […]

Behind the Scenes of Checkoff Funds

In this episode of The Round Barn Podcast, hosts Dr. Jim Lowe and Kaylee Hillinger explore the important role that checkoff programs play in supporting the animal agriculture industry. They discuss how checkoff dollars are used to promote, educate, and drive consumer demand for pork and other products, both domestically and globally. Join them as […]

Pharma to Food: Exploring Lab-Grown Meat

In this episode of the Round Barn podcast, hosts Dr. Jim Lowe and Kaylee Hillinger delve into the intriguing world of lab-grown proteins, challenging the popular notions of “fake meat.” They share their candid thoughts on the environmental and dietary implications of these alternative meat products. From flexitarian choices to the evolving science behind cultured […]

Navigating New Beginnings: A New Academic Year Begins at the College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Jim Lowe and Kaylee Hillinger have a conversation about the fresh start that the fall season brings to the University. They discuss the varied learning experiences that the first-year veterinary students will have compared to their senior peers, the fourth-year students who began their veterinary school journey at the onset of the pandemic.

The Illinois State Fair provides a platform for education and extension

Dr. Jim Lowe and Kaylee Hillinger converse about the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine’s involvement in the Illinois State Fair. The fair serves as an exceptional platform for veterinary students to learn and gain experience. Additionally, it provides a valuable opportunity to engage with children and inspire them to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.